Home Staging is a process we use to prepare a house for sale. At LSL Home Staging we specialise in creating an unforgettable first impression, everywhere the buyer’s eyes will rest. We aim to highlight your properties unique selling features, therefore achieving the best possible selling price. By maximising the architectural features we can create a desire in the buyer to make YOUR home, THEIR home. Many home owners find it very difficult to be objective when they are surrounded by furniture they love and has sentimental meaning. It is hard to decide what to pack and what to leave on display. Here at LSL Home Staging we can help you focus on the sale of your property and we are trained to show its maximum potential. By doing this, a buyer will see their own possessions and furniture placed right there in your living room!

Remember, once you make the decision to sell, it is no longer your home, it is now the home of every potential buyer. Let us show you how to emphasise a positive impact on potential buyers from the moment they walk through your door. We always work within YOUR budget and rest assured, the work will be done efficiently and within YOUR time frame. No one gets a second chance to make a first impression and remember:

‘The Way You LIVE In Your Home, Is NOT The Way You Sell Your House!’

  • Below are some facts about Home Staging:
  • 58% of buyers decide to buy after viewing 10 properties
  • 63% of buyers will pay more money for a house that is ready to move straight into
  • 86% of buyers say storage is important
  • 52% of buyers say kitchens have the most significant impact on purchasing decisions
  • 79% would pay a premium for an updated kitchen

Give us a call today to find out just how EASY we can make selling YOUR HOME

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